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We facilitate carbon trading partnerships with the power to
revert climate change

Our mission

We aim to create an international network of landowners and Net-Zero investors, and to connect them to the best practices that ensure a carbon-neutral future, creating partnerships that stop climate change.

Forest fire of 2018 in Portland, Oregon, USA

How it works

From gardens to mid-sized farms, we are on a journey to make a real impact on the future of land and carbon management.

Through our Carbon Hub, we aim to bring together landowners of different backgrounds and businesses seeking Net-Zero solutions, while providing them with insights on sustainable agricultural practices, carbon retention potential, and financial information.

For businesses

Your CO2 emission has a direct negative impact on climate change. Whether you operate mainly online or have a small staff, we can help you find tailored carbon offsetting solutions close to home, bringing you and your team to a carbon-neutral status.

For landowners

Any portion of land is CO2 retainable. We empower owners of small and medium-size properties – from gardens to farms - with knowledge about sustainable practices suitable for maximum carbon retention and healthy soil handling.

The team

Giovana Cremasco, MSc. - Founder & CEO

Giovana Cremasco, MSc.

Founder & Head Strategist

Born and raised on a farm in Brazil. Knowledgeable about land adaptation and climate implications. Entrepreneur, visionary with aim on the right partnerships and business marketing.

Idealist of The Upper View, responsible for overall business strategy, concept, and farmers database.

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